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Ballet In The Studio-Toronto
Oct. 14, 2014- 12:00PM
Oct. 15, 2014- 6:30PM


Ballet in the Studio-Halifax
Oct. 29, 2014 - 7:45PM


Ballet in the Studio

Ballet in the Studio is your chance to see professional dance from an arm’s-length away. Join us in-studio for a taste of the company’s cutting-edge choreography, repertoire and upcoming performances.


Ballet in the Studio is a real thrill - the chance to see first-hand the newest and most exciting work the company is performing as it is still being developed.

For years Ballet Jörgen Canada has rewarded those most committed to the company by giving them an inside view of the direction the company is headed artistically and by way of choreography. The performance is also a chance to meet and interact with company dancers.

Ballet Jörgen Canada’s Ballet in the Studio this season will feature works by Bengt Jörgen, Malgorzata Nowacka, and Robert Desrosiers as well as excerpts from The Nutcracker. Costumes and set pieces will be presented for some works, and surprise numbers from the Ballet Jörgen Canada repertoire are always a possibility.


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