We offer creative workshops for both emerging and established choreographers. The workshops, ranging in length from 3 to 14 days are process oriented and led by an independent course leader, with additional mentor support. These workshops help choreographers advance into new territory in a supportive environment.

We offer a range of commissions from large company ballets to solos and duets. Choreographers may apply to do a specific work or join the ongoing creative programs, and may receive several commissions over an extended period.

Commissions are, whenever possible, offered in a staged development process with a creative workshop as a starting point; a subsequent creative period with a studio showing of the work, then a final production period culminating with the premiere. Commissioned works may enter the Company's touring repertoire.

If you are a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident, please forward your resumé and videotape of your choreography to Bengt Jörgen. We do not often provide commissions to non-Canadians or non-Residents, however under certain circumstances the company will consider applications, particularly if the proposed work is connected to Canada such as its subject or music.

For first time applicants, please note tapes are viewed by several Artistic Advisors and there may be a delay before you receive a response to your application.

Some of the choreographers who have received a commission opportunity or have taken part in a workshop program are: Gioconda Barbuto, Serge Bennathan, Roberto Campanella, Andrew Giday, Mark Godden, Benjamin Hatcher, Edward Hillyer, Jean Grand-Maitre, Nina Menon, Crystal Pite, Kathleen Rea, Howard Richard and Wen Wei Wang.

Solos & Duets is a unique program that Ballet Jörgen Canada is proud to offer in Toronto & Halifax.

This program gives local choreographers the opportunity to work with professional dancers at no personal cost, with the goal of creating short works (approximately 3-4 min in length) using Ballet Jörgen Canada dancers. The finished product is completed within 8-12 hours of rehearsal time that culminates in a public studio performance.

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