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Thank you for a successful season!

Thank you to all our fans across Canada for an incredible, successful season.
Preparations are underway for our next exciting season, which looks like our best yet! Stay tuned.

A World to Shake

A World to Shake is a new Canadian story and a discovery for children of all ages!

Esme (ez-may) is turning 13 tomorrow. She is curious - wondering what’s next for her - and reflective while peering into her special snow globe. She shakes up the world inside and is entranced as the enchanted village comes to life! What’s ahead is a world of excitement, as Esme discovers more about herself and the world around her on her birthday.

It turns out that discovery is a wonderful adventure! Birds, a beautiful Tree, wild Beasts and a Storm dance into the magical children’s world and shake it up with friends, and challenges to overcome. What will become of Esme in this charming story? It is a discovery for children young and old.

Read More (.pdf, 674kb)

“The music is superb, the movement, transitions, characters, costumes… Loved it all. ”

- Stephanie Filippi and her 11 yr old son

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