A Comedy with Love

Choreographer Bengt Jörgen
Music Léo Delibes
Costume Design Gary Dahms
Set & Lighting Design Glenn Davidson
Run Time Two hours with one intermission.

Coppélia is a story; daring, bold, and funny! It takes us into the mysterious mind of Dr. Coppélius, a lonely and disillusioned toy maker who wishes he could bring his dolls to life to find his perfect bride.

Dr. Coppélius creates Coppélia, a stunning, life-sized dancing doll. The story’s beauty and hilarity develop quickly as Nathanael - one of the local villagers - falls madly in love with the doll, his sweetheart Klara enacts revenge, and confusion and love are explored through her pretending to be Coppélia to punish Nathanael.

This comedy with love is told through the vibrant choreography of the award-winning Bengt Jörgen. Emotional and captivating, it is one of the best balletic representations of fantastical storytelling the world over.


“The entire Jörgen company fills the stage with such exquisite life you are swept along for an entertaining ride.”
- Gary Smith, The Spectator

“It was innovative, whimsical and amusing, yet dramatic in all the right places.”
- Susan Doolan, The Examiner

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